In 1975, a group of friends starts working in the production and selling of Compressors and in realizing and installing installations of Copressed Air in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino. Today the members of CAC are dedicated to Direction Service and Commercial Network.

C.A.C Compressed Air Center
work with 6 specialized technicians for Generating Sets, spreading it services also abroad in Tunisia, Albania and Romania.

C.A.C. Compressed Air Center is situated in the Industrial Area of Talacchio di Colbordolo, in a shed of 1.400 sm divided in 400 sm of Exhibition/Show Room, 100 sm of di Warehouse and Spare Parts for Compressors and Accessories for Compressed Air installations, 800 sm of Workshop with support and Maintenance about every kind of operation and revision, 50 sm of Administrative Offices.

The realized installations are related to the using of Compressed Air in the industrial, food, health, pharmaceutical  fields, paying particular care to Oil-Free installations, suitable for this kind of activities. Furthermore C.A.C. offers the possibility to buy Generator Sets for Factories and Hotel (required by the new regulation about lifts).

In 30 years
C.A.C realized more than 5.000 operative Compressed Air installations. Many of them are supported today directly by C.A.C.

C.A.C. Compressed Air Center offers to a efficient national servicing on all the Compressors and systems of any dimension. It is specialized in the planning and realization of the systems of production of the compressed air supplying to their corrected dimensioning, the assembly and installation second the requirements and the norms of emergency.

The services offers are:


• Ordinary maintenance
• Extraordinary maintenance
• Workshop equipped with wide spare parts warehouse you exchange again for review of compressors air of any marks
• Participations of emergency in 24 hours with substitutive cars under gratuitous title
• Annual maintenance contracts made-to-measure